Door Access system

When it comes to the security of any property, whether residential or commercial, the doors are required to be highly protected. The reason behind that is the doors provide access to the entry of the people. Unauthorized entry and trespassing increase the risk to the security of the entire property, valuables, and people within.

Thus, the door access control system has a very significant role to play when it comes to keeping a property secure. The door security, also known as door readers, can restrict unauthorized entry to the property and maintain security.

The door access control system is accessed using an ID card and fingerprint. Below mentioned are the key elements of an access control system, explaining how exactly it works.

Key Components of A Door Access System.

  1. ID Card – Each person entering the door has a programmed ID card to be scanned using a card reader.
  2. Card Reader – The card reader scans the card to open the door lock.
  3. Biometric System – The biometric system can scan the user’s fingerprint to authorize the entry.
  4. Control Panel – The control panel of the access control system collects and stores the information about the successful and failed entries.
  5. Door Lock – When there is an authorized entry using the card reader or biometric, a signal gets transmitted, and the door lock opens.

Most of the properties have door access systems that include the components as mentioned above. Many property owners get security camera installation and intruder alarm installation done along with the door access control system. Let’s have a look at these inclusions of access control system.

Security Camera Installation
For many properties, having only a door access system is not enough as they need enhanced security. In that case, the owners of such properties get CCTV cameras installed with the access control system to get an idea about who is entering and exiting the property. The security camera system integrated with the control panel sends out real-time information on the desktop or smartphone, giving a clear picture of the movements at the entry door. This recorded information is useful to recognize and find the thieves and criminals.

Intruder Alarm Installation
The intruder alarm system is the component that detects the unauthorized entry from a door to the property or a protected zone. The intruder alarm system provides enhanced security as it triggers an alarm in case any person breaks the door’s lock. This system connected to the computer system or smartphone notifies the owners about the unauthorized entry. This helps them to take action before there is any damage done to the people and the property.

Whether you need to include an intruder alarm system and CCTV cameras in your access control system or not would be based on your requirements and budget.

Let’s go through some benefits of getting an access control system installed in your property.

Benefits of Using Access Control System
Besides reduced theft and crimes the access control systems can provide these benefits –

  1. Traditional Keys Not Required
    The access control system eliminates the use of traditional keys. The traditional keys many times are stolen and taken advantage of. In the case of an access control system, you can immediately program the system and restrict access to the person whose card has been misplaced or stolen.
  2. Saves Time and Money
    If the access control system is installed, you can get immediate access with the help of an ID card or fingerprint, so that saves time. Also, you need not hire personnel for the security of the property, helping you to save money.
  3. Tracks, Monitors, and Records
    Installing an access control system means tracking, monitoring, and recording the people moving around the property’s entry points 24/7. This helps in taking measures before a crime or theft occurs, and providing proof to the law and getting the right criminals and thieves punished.