Have you acquired that be aware from Microsoft: “Windows 7 has reached its End-of-Life… ” or something similar?

That triggered me to reluctantly improve my HP Elite computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

You might also additionally locate my enjoy amusing.

While we are admonished to “Please Back up ALL of your documents earlier than proceeding.’, now no longer handiest do I do simply that, the use of a software like Acronis True Image, however, I additionally do an additional issue: I purchase an alternative HDD or SDD and clone the authentic mass garage tool earlier than upgrading.

Upgrading to Windows 10- My Experience

In different words, I clone my HDD, then improve the cloned disk, saving the pristine authenticity because of the last backup.

I had formerly upgraded my laptop from a 1Tb HDD (Toshiba) to a 1Tb SDD (SanDisk Plus). Using my BYTECC cloning gadget, the technique changed into clean, with no problems. Went easy as glass.

Then once I went to apply my cloning gadget to clone that 1 Tb SanDisk Plus SDD to every other 1Tb HDD, I was given the mistake message, “Source is greater than Target.”

Unfazed, I attempted a pristine-out-of-the-container 1Tb WD drive. Got the equal mistakes message.

Concerned that my duplicator changed into at the fritz, I sold every other SanDisk Plus 1Tb and inserted it in my duplicator.

Alas, were given the equal mistakes message.


So I went returned to my HP Elite archives, determined a formerly cloned HDD Win 7 disk for my P Elite from remaining April, and correctly cloned it onto that sparkling SanDisk.

The cloned disk hooked up and labored with no problems.

The improvement from Win 7 to Win 10 changed into performed correctly.

My HP Elite computer is now at Win 10 and all are properly with the world!

But now, I even have an older model of my computer.

Well, possibly it’s now no longer a problem: I even have a steady garage of all hooked up programs, and additionally all of my work: I use an outside WD MyCloud garage tool on my LAN. Any lacking applications, I can simply re-install.

Theoretically, the ‘authentic’ HP Elite SDD handiest has copies of downloaded stuff (in its “Download file”), and not anything of any actual outcome at the computer or in nearby memory.

But there may be nevertheless that niggling worry that somehow, somewhere, there may be something on that authentic SDD that I simply would possibly need.

What to do?

My Experience

I even have a KingWin EZ-Connect tool that connects a SATA disk to my laptop’s USB port.

Perhaps that would be used to study after which replica over documents and such which are on that authentic SDD Win 7 set up to the HP Elite’s present-day Win 10.

Hooking up the SanDisk SDD to the EZ-Connect, after which hooking the EZ-Connect to the laptop,!Viola! I can see all the documents at the SanDisk!

Then it changed into a clean issue to go looking and poke and prod to locate something I desired to switch to the brand new set up!

Fortunately, not anything of any actual outcome had been left behind. Now my new Win 10 set up is completely up and jogging and my ‘lost’ documents are restored!