The best changing robes to make the beach your dressing room

The best changing – If you’ve ever tried to get changed into swimwear on sbobet a packed beach with an awkwardly small towel you’ll appreciate just how convenient the best change robes can be. Change robes were originally designed to keep surfers warm after emerging from the sea in cold climates – providing shelter while changing out of wetsuit.

But you don’t have to be a watersports pro to benefit from the latest changing robe designs. For anyone who loves the great outdoors, changing robes are fast becoming as essential to your capsule wardrobe as a hat, mac and swimming trunks.

Be it for walking the dog, camping or for use post-swim, surf poncho-style change robe will protect you from the elements. The latest designs can keep you dry and feeling suitably cocooned when temperatures drop.

They come with conveniently large zip-up pockets to hold everyday items such as your phone, wallet and keys and give you quick access to your headphones and water bottle. And if you’re wondering why a change robe can sometimes make you look like a walking sleeping bag, it’s because it’s designed to be deliberately oversized so you can discreetly change your clothes while you wear them.

The best changing robes to make the beach your dressing room

That said, you can find a growing selection of boutique brands online offering some noticeably chic change robe designs that can make you look effortlessly cool when the surf’s up. We might go as far as to say that some of the most stylish, parka-esque designs won’t look out of place in a casual city environment either.

“Changing robes are epic and we have even used them in the past to slow hyperthermia during a paddleboard race,” says Saviour Aquilina of The Sup Store. “The best designs feel light and enjoyable to wear and will keep swimmers dry after coming out of the water. I find them invaluable in both summer and winter as they will save your dignity when you’re changing in or out of your water-wear in public.

“They come in so many styles and colours that you can find a range of designs with an attractive cut and finish, which are as enjoyable to wear as your regular coat. As well as keeping my change robe close to hand near the shore, I wear it as an outer layer walking the dog on chilly, early mornings. It keeps me warm and makes me feel like I’m still in bed and wrapped up in my duvet! The waterproof finish also makes it ideal when it’s raining.”