Search Engine Optimization Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for every internet marketer. Properly designed pages rank higher and bring more traffic. Search engine optimizations can be divided into on-page and off-page activities. Both need some understanding of what is important and how search engines see our websites. Not everybody is willing to go into details and do strange things to achieve higher rankings.

There are many companies that offer SEO services. And sometimes their offers sound like a universal solution for internet lawyer marketing. It is not uncommon to find offers like “With our service, you will reach the #1 position in Google”. How do they do it? Is there really a method to get on the top of the search results page for any keyword?

Search Engine Optimization Services

The answer is very simple. Nobody can guarantee any position, in particular the first position. There are many reasons for this. The algorithm used to sort pages for a particular keyword is complex and not known to the public. There are many factors that can contribute to high or low ranking. Before you can even think of top positions you should select keywords that have low competition. There are some search phrases that have huge competition. It is simply not possible to reach the first few pages of search results for those keywords.

The best way to have the possibility to reach top positions is to choose the right keywords. But this is not enough. You should have unique quality content, some header tags to mark important titles, and other on-page elements optimized for the target keyword. The second part of optimization are links that point to your page. More links mean that your page is more important and this will be reflected in search results. The anchor text (the text under the link) is also important and it should match the main keyword of the page.

But even if you take care of all possible strategies for page optimization you can not guarantee top positions. It is not possible to predict the ranking of your page or other competing pages. And what is more important, the claim about the guaranteed #1 position is ridiculous. Whoever claims that he can put any page on the first position of search results doesn’t know anything about search engines or is deliberately trying to mislead customers.

Even if somebody manages to optimize one page for a particular keyword and reaches #1 position, this situation will not be permanent. And what would he do when he will get two independent requests for the same keyword? Will, he put both pages (ranking for the same keyword) on the highest position in search results? Google currently supports only one page per position.