Diner Dash Video Game

Diner Dash is a video game about a young woman named Flo who is fed up with the corporate world and fighting the rat race every day so, she decides to open up her own restaurant. The game is fairly simple and doesn’t take a complex system to play. Anything from a Windows 98 and up will do just fine. The graphics are not very complicated but they’re pleasant to view making the game more interesting.

If you’re tired of the violent fighting games found all over the Internet then Diner Dash would be a great alternative that’s both challenging and fun. The two-game modes are called Endless Shift and Flo’s Career. In Endless Shift, you’ll simply continue serving customers until you can’t keep up any longer. Your shift will end when the demand is too overwhelming and a specific number of customers have not been served properly when they leave.

When you play Flo’s Career you’ll start out in an old diner that needs to be fixed up. Your goal is to open up the restaurant you’ve always dreamed about and you do this by serving a certain number of customers before the day ends. If you meet your financial goal at the end of the day, you’ll move on to the next level.

Diner Dash Video Game

You’ll receive a few incentives as you level up that will encourage you to do better and earn more points if possible. For example, you might earn a coffee machine, have a new door put on or get new tables for your diner. All of these things improve the restaurant so you can do better at the next level. After several upgrades and a certain number of completed levels, you can open up a new restaurant.

If you earn more than your goal for the day, you’ll receive extra upgrades and bonuses that will help you meet your overall goal faster while improving the restaurant for better service. Diner Dash is not a complicated game but you’ll need to be fast and skilled when it comes to working with your hands in order to accomplish your goals. You’ll also need to learn what the best seating arrangements would be for the best service based on the color bonuses.

Some sites offer a free trial that will give you a chance to try the game for a limited time to determine if you want to purchase it or not. However, Diner Dash can be very intriguing and you’ll probably find yourself buying it shortly afterward to see just how far you really can go.