Six of the best places in Chile

Best places in Chile- From semi-expert photographers to leisure Instagram users, the incredible and mind-blowing herbal landscapes of Chile can’t fail to encourage any digital digicam-wielding vacationer to get snapping. As the Chile journey specialists, we’ve teamed up with Turismo Chile to select six locations to go to, assured go away your Chile excursion image album bursting on the seams. You’ll be packing your huge-attitude lens earlier than you already know it.

Trek to the bottom of Torres del Paine

No experience in Chile is entire without a go-to to the big glaciers and hovering granite peaks of Torres del Paine. A little painting is needed to locate the proper image spot – the lake at the bottom of the peaks is reached walking and the trek can absorb an entire day – however you’re rewarded with an iconic photo of one of the global’s maximum recognizable perspectives. Once you’ve taken the Best places in Chile snap of yourself withinside the foreground for Instagram (#RainbowToursUK), unpack your light-weight tripod, and set your DSLR on extended publicity to seize the mind-blowing panorama. The time is proper to reach at sundown or dawn to capture the peaks illuminated, sparkling in golden hues. To loosen up after the trek, we advise staying on the Tierra Patagonia. This cutting-edge lodge overlooks Lake Sarmiento and has been designed in concord with its herbal surroundings, so there are masses greater pictures possibilities only a stones’ throw out of your room.

Shoot the celebrities withinside the Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert gives a number of first-class stargazing withinside the global and a nearly unrivaled the possibility for extraordinary night-time pictures. Far from any mild pollutants vast, darkish nighttime skies are wide conscious each evening, protected in a thick blanket of stars that stretch to the horizon in all directions. To strive your hand at astrophotography, mount your DSLR on a robust tripod and set your aperture as huge as it is able to go (specialists advise the use of f/2.eight to seize the celebrities), and set your ISO high. Play around with retaining the publicity time exceedingly short (15 seconds) for a crisp, easy shot or to get a clear view of the Milky Way. Later, prolong the publicity time (up to three minutes) in order that the impact of the earth transferring throughout the captures the famous person’s moves throughout the sky, developing lovely famous person trails.

Meet the Moai on Easter Island

Easter Island is famed for its historical Moai sculptures, scattered in agencies throughout the island, however, there’s the handiest one set with their ft withinside the sand. Head to Anakena Beach in Rapa Nui National Park in which seven recently-restored Moai stand overlooking the nice and cozy waters, geared up to grace your photographs – as soon as you’ve taken a dip, of course. If you’re an early-riser eager to capture the first-class mild throughout the ‘golden hours’, hot-foot it over to Ahu Tongariki at dawn (or maybe sundown) to photo the 15-sturdy row of Moai silhouetted towards the converting skies. Our Chile Winter Adventure excursion spends three days on Easter Island after exploring the highlights of the mainland.

Laguna Miscanti

Capture vast, untouched landscapes without a touch of civilization at Laguna Miscanti in northern Chile’s altiplano. The snow-capped Miñiques Volcano and a rugged mountainous panorama offer the proper backdrop for the deep lake waters, boldly reflecting the brilliant blue skies on a clear winter’s morning. Use a huge-attitude lens and a tripod to take the digital digicam low to the ground, in which the yellow, scrubby grasses inject a few shiny colors and textures into the foreground. We advise placing off to attain this scene with the aid of using 4×4 after acclimatizing to the altitude of the Atacama Desert at Alto Atacama.

Santiago from above

For a lovely town skyline, ascend Chile’s solution to the Shard – the Gran Torre Santiago – and make the maximum of your vantage factor above Santiago. Standing at three hundred meters, the Sky Costanera Observation Deck is the best in South America and gives an outstanding 360° view of the capital town. The birds’ eye view of Santiago is incredible at any time, however, because the night time falls and the town lighting starts to shine, the Observation Deck is the proper area to strive out a time-lapse as the brilliant automobile headlights weave via the streets. Enjoy this enjoy on any of our Chile tours.

Hike to the pinnacle of Villarica Volcano

Action-geared-up adventurers must hike (or snowshoe) up Villarica Volcano for sweeping perspectives throughout Chile’s volcano-dotted Lake District. If you’ve got paired your DSLR with a tripod that has a 360° rotating head, that is the area to take panoramic images. If not, even cell tele cell smartphone cameras can’t fail to seize the splendor of the lake-punctuated panorama unfurling beneath. If you’ve packed a selfie stick (we recognize it’s a responsible pleasure), a cheeky group image on the pinnacle is a first-rate manner to have a good time finishing the trek. Speak to a Rainbow Tours Chile Specialist approximately spending some nights at Vira Vira, set withinside the historical Mapuche lands surrounding the volcano, and which include the hike into your tailored itinerary.


Because of their different geological ages, each Hawaiian island has its own unique look, lit by millions of years of volcanic creation and erosion. Of the five main inhabited islands, Oahu is the oldest of the main chain of the island. It’s diamond shape, it separates into north, south, east and west sides. With its safe harbors, lagoons, vast mountain ranges, and soaring stunning beaches and surfing are one of the most desirable colonies in ancient times and today. For nearly 1000 years, the Polynesians inhabited the island and built a civilization that supported sustainable about 300 000 people at the time of its introduction to the West in 1779.

King Kamehameha conquered O’ahu in 1795 in his attempt to unite the archipelago under one sovereign. The battle between the tribes of the island raged through Waikiki beaches and marshes, culminating in a terrible battle clifftop 1000 feet of Pali Nu’uanu where O’ahu warriors their disappearance gathered. Today, the Nu’uanu Pali Lookout is known as one of the most breathtaking panoramas in all Hawai’i.

Oahu Windward Coast Air Waimanalo

Honolulu and its port have become an essential port of call for merchant ships of the early 1800s and the present. In 1850, the city became the capital of the Kingdom of Hawai’i, and possibly Honolulu paves the way for the modern era with a large palace (Iolani Palace), a highly strategic naval station (Pearl Harbor Lagoon), and an internationally recognized government and constitutional monarchy.

Today O’ahu is the most popular destination in the Hawaiian Islands, hosting 5.7 million from 9.3 million visitors to the state in 2017. Three large circles of roads crisscross the island, welcome the visitors and locals, making them easy to move islands.

Best Oahu Tours & Activities

We are here to help you navigate all there is to see and do on the beautiful island of O’ahu. De’ono (delicious) dinner luau shows on the land, sea, and air tours, we are your guide when it comes to choosing the best companies for your budget. Let us bring you and your histoire ohana (family) to cherish for years to come!

Oahu Ocean Tours 

Explore the underwater world of Hawaii is a must! You will not have to go far to find the hundreds of coral reefs and colorful fish iridescent magic Honu (turtles). Snorkeling with the turtles is the most popular thing to do in the waters of Hawaii. We also have the epic surfing, kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddleboard, and much more! You will love being in the ocean here in Hawai’i.

Oahu Air

Helicopter tours are one of the most popular ways to see the island of Oahu. Flying over Waikiki, Pearl Harbor and the North Shore gives visitors breathtaking views of the beautiful islands and towering cliffs unique volcanic craters as Diamondhead and Koko Head. Be sure to book a sightseeing flight in Oahu and you’ll be sure to come back with some memorable photos. Remember to bring a wide camera lens you … there’s a lot to take in the air!