Australia’s Hunter Valley

Australia's Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley is located just two hours north of Sydney. It’s a very popular tourist destination and well worth a visit. It’s also one of Australia’s top wine-producing regions. It was founded 150 years ago and today it’s one of the world’s leading vineyards and continues to grow. Some of […]

How To Get That Flight Attendant Job Opening

Flight Attendant Job Opening

When I was growing up, they were stewardesses, and they had a party-hearty reputation that stuck despite all the hard work they did. Today, the word ‘stewardess’ is out of fashion, and flight attendants are respected professionals in the aviation industry. While many in the general public see flight attendants […]

The Rule Of Thirds: Composition In Photography

Composition In Photography

Composition in photography is one of the most essential skills a new photographer can learn. Unfortunately, in our rush to embrace every new piece of technology, the artistic aspects of photography often get the least attention. If you bought a great digital camera and your photos still look like snapshots, […]